8 The First Empire – the Mauryas I. Choose the correct option

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8 The First Empire – the Mauryas

I. Choose the correct option.
1. The literary sources for the Mauryan period include the Indika and the

a. rock edicts b. Arthashastra c. coins d. pillar edicts

2. ____ defeated Seleucus Nicator, a general of the Greek king Alexander

a. Bindusara b. Chanakya c. Chandragupta Maurya d. Bimbisara

3. Under ____ , the Mauryan Empire spread across the whole of the Indian subcontinent, except for Kalinga and few kingdoms in the south

a. Ajatashatru b. Ashoka c. Kautilya d. Bindusara

4. Ashoka gave up the policy of conquest through war and began to follow a policy of conquest through

a. negotiations b. trade c. dharma d. sea routes

5. Most of the edicts were in ____ script

a. Brahmi b. Prakrit c. Sanskrit d. Kharoshthi

6. The ______ was the head of the district

a. Yukta b. Rajuka c. Senapati d. Pradeshta

7. Land revenue was fixed between one-fourth and ___ of the produce

a. one-half b. one-third c. one-sixth d. one-eighth

II. Answer the following questions (1M)

1.Who wrote the book Indika?

2.What was the book written by Kautilya?

3.Who was the first Mauryan Emperor?

4.Which war is the turning point in Ashoka's life?

5.What was the policy of Ashoka based on the principles of peace, tolerance and non-violence?

6.What was the administrative city of Mauryans?

7.What were the literary sources for the Mauryan period?

8.Who defeated Seleucus Nicator,a general of the Greek king Alexander?

9.Under whom , the mauryan Empire spreaded across the whole of the Indian subcontinent,except for Kalinga and few kingdoms in the south?

10.Before the Kalinga war,what was the policy of Ashoka?

11.What was the script of the most of the edicts?

12.Who was the head of the districts?

13.How much was the land revenue fixed from the produce?

14.What does the book Indika tell us?

15.What does the book Arthashastra tell us?

16.In which year did Chandragupta Maurya overthrow the last Nanda ruler?

17.Who was the most famous Mauryan king and the greatest ruler ever?

18.When and where was the Kalinga war held?

19.What was the capital of Mauryans?

20.What are the different divisions of Mauryan administration.

III. Answer the following questions(2M)

21.Write about the revenue system of the Mauryans.

22.What do you know about the Pataliputra during Mauryan period.

IV. Answer the following questions(4M)

23.Why was the Kalinga War a turning point in the life of Ashoka?

24.Explain the welfare measures adopted by Ashoka.

25.Write any two steps taken by Ashoka to spread Dhamma.

26.Write short notes on-Administration of Pataliputra, Sources of Revenue.

27.It is said that Ashoka was the first king who spoke directly to his people .How did he do this?

28.Why do you think the Mauryan kings employed spies?

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