50 sentences on vocabulary thinking and learning I assume my friend knows answers

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50 sentences on vocabulary thinking and learning
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50 sentences on vocabulary thinking and learning

  1. I assume my friend knows answers

  2. I am baffled during doing tasks

  3. I consider teaching has great responsibility

  4. I have a strong faith to my close friends

  5. I gather a lot of coins which is belong to other countries

  6. Every girl thinks her father is the most genius person in the world

  7. Being optimistic person gives you happiness

  8. We are heard plausible stories from our street grannies

  9. Academic science is the most difficult for students

  10. Distance learning is developed during the pandemic period

  11. I graduated UzSWLU with red diploma on 2014 .

  12. I have intelligent brother who learnt by heart all countries and their capitals at 5 years old

  13. Passing mock exam of IELTS gives confidence

  14. Self study is the most important for the master degree

  15. We have tutorial lessons after every lecture

  16. Every student must brush up their knowledge

  17. I have already come up with this idea

  18. Person must face up to his problems

  19. My friend has just figures out what’s made him

  20. My girlfriend has hit upon about entering master’s degree by chance

  21. We use a current account to pay for things

  22. The government associates every developments with each other

  23. In conclusion, dreams come true if you desire them

  24. Teachers often use brainstorm games in their lessons

  25. Strong belief will be between true friends

  26. All pupils always say that they have no questions

  27. Everything has plus and minus sides

  28. Our new president has different principles

  29. Mental arithmetic is interesting for me

  30. During job interview, making a good impression is the most important point

  31. I go to my head when I heard about entering the master’s degree

  32. There are so many secrets in the dark

  33. The innocent knows what’s what

  34. Saying everything does not have a leg to stand on

  35. Pessimists cannot see the wood for the trees

  36. Putting two and two together can answer what’s happening really

  37. Some pupils are quick on the uptake and others are vice versa

  38. Sometimes accidents seem to me ring a bell

  39. Mother always splits hairs

  40. Student take stock after graduation university

  41. We have unbelievable history about our ancestors

  42. Going to the cinema is a brilliant idea!

  43. My teacher always confuses my name with my friend

  44. Making right decision can make whole life perfectly

  45. If I don’t understand the phrasal verbs , I will look in explanation

  46. My mother always sees the best future imagination

  47. While we are passing the master exam , we come across logical tests

  48. Every person has own opinion

  49. Wisdom never puts you in problem

  50. Much Thinker can effect himself or herself.

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