2017 Spring/Summer Browning Climate Seminar Using Climate Information to Enhance Your Business

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2017 Spring/Summer Browning Climate Seminar
Using Climate Information to Enhance Your Business
For over 40 years Browning Media has been the most accurate source for long-term climate forecasts. We present around the world to groups including agriculture, investing, insurance, education, mining and oil & gas to provide advance information on the climate to assist them in their planning.
To help explain the recent volatile weather and to provide an in-depth look at the North American and Global climate forecasts for the coming six months, Browning is offering a full-day live streaming seminar featuring a full slate of experts designed to provide attendees with actionable information they can use to reduce risk and find new opportunities.
Friday March 3, 2017

9:00am – 1:05pm PST

Live Streaming Event

Recording Available to Registered Attendees after the Seminar
Registration Options

  • Full day of interactive presentations and a one year subscription to the monthly Browning World Climate Bulletin™ - $325.00

  • Full day of interactive presentations - $99.00

  • Full Day of interactive presentation for existing Browning subscribers - $49.00

9:00am – 9:05am

Welcome and Introduction

9:05am – 9:45am

Session One: Spring and Early Summer Outlook for North America

Presenter: James Garriss, Director of Research, Browning Media
After record breaking precipitation in the west and increased late winter snowfall in the Midwest and east, what do the current climate conditions let us know about the upcoming spring and summer?
9:55am – 10:35am

Session Two: – California and the West coast: Crazy Weather and Crazier Water Laws Presenter: Evelyn Browning Garriss, Historical Climatologist, Browning Media
The west coast had record breaking rain and snowfall this winter with California making headlines. Evelyn will explain why after years of drought the west coast received such heavy rain and snowfall and its implications regarding infrastructure and industry in the short run and the drought in the longer term.
10:45am – 11:25am

Session Three: Global Outlook for Spring and Early Summer

Presenter: Dr. Adam Chambers, Scientist, Pinhead Climate Institute
With a better understanding of near and long-term climate forecasts Adam will focus on how conservation practices that enable carbon sequestration can also prepare the landscape for climate resilience. Adam will briefly touch on the policy landscape and preparatory activities that can be deployed to prepare for, and take advantage of, the projected climate activity. These applications have implications well beyond California (following Evelyn’s discussion) and the immediate future, practices often have long term impacts regardless of the focus of the specific region or weather patterns.
11:35am – 12:15pm

Session Four: Global Outlook for Spring and Early Summer

Presenter: James Garriss, Director of Research, Browning Media
After looking at the effects of the current and upcoming climate impacts on North America, it’s time to go globetrotting. Why has Australia been flooding and will it continue? Will Europe have as cold a spring as they did a winter? How will spring weather influence the completion of Asian infrastructure? Does fall harvest look promising and what will it do to global yields and commodities? How will upcoming climate trends affect the economic growth of Africa?
12:25pm – 1:05pm

Session Five – Using Climate to Enhance Investing

Presenter: Eoin Treacy, CEO and Global Investment Analyst, FullerTreacy Money
Understand how to use the session’s information of coming climate conditions to leverage an investment portfolio in a way to enhance overall return performance and to provide investments not directly correlated with general movements in the stock market.
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