2016 Officers President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer

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2016 Officers

President Vice-President Secretary-Treasurer

Caryn Gardner-Young Ambreen Bhatty Mary C. Blasi

City Manager City Manager City Manager

Parkland North Lauderdale Coconut Creek

TO: BCCMA Members

FROM: Mary C. Blasi, Secretary - Treasurer

SUBJECT: BCCMA, Managers Only, Meeting NoticeThursday, March 17, 2016

DATE: March 2, 2016 ______________________________________________________________________

A BCCMA meeting has been scheduled for Thursday, March 17, 2016 at Noon – 2:00pm. This is a Managers ONLY meeting.

The meeting will be held at the City of Sunrise Grand Ballroom, 10610 W. Oakland Park Blvd., Sunrise, FL 33351

The menu will be Garden Salad w/Dressings, Oriental Chicken Stir Fry, White Rice, Egg Rolls w/Dipping Sauce, Rolls w/Butter, Dessert /Assorted Beverages. There is no charge for the lunch.

Please R.S.V.P. by Friday, March 11, 2016 to Trina Gibbs at tgibbs@coconutcreek.net or by phone: 954.973.6720.

Broward County City Managers’ Association, Inc. * www.bccmabroward.org

4800 West Copans Road, Coconut Creek, FL 33063-6794 * 954.973.6720 * FAX: 954.973.6777

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