2012 yilning testlar. 101 varianti. Variant №101 Liz encouraged me away my old running shoes with holes and got me to buy a new pair

Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 29-31 in the text

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2012 yilning testlar. 101 varianti. Variant №101 Liz encouraged (7)
Iqtisodiy faktlar, 1-Мавзу матни, Содержание, Документ Microsoft Word (2), macro all, Macro kirill, makro FULL mavzular, 2-mavzu 4-kurs innovatsiya, 1 Fullstek лабаратория (4), 5- maktab jismoniy tarbiya hisobot, Doc3, 132132132, 4-mavzu.Parallel kuchlar sistemasining muvozanat shartiga oid masalalar., YMnoRLGUwRxnOGlLJ3rC0JUWE2nZlZlIA1OP2eZV
Read the text. Then choose the correct answer for the gaps 29-31 in the text. Hunting with birds is a very old sport. In some countries the golden eagle is used (29) ... hunting. After training, the eagle (30)... to a field. The eagle sits on the arm of the hunter. The hunter's arm is covered with a long, special
(31)... to protect it from the sharp daws of the bird.
29. A) for B) by C) in D) at
30. A) is taken B) has taken
C) takes D) is being taken
31. A) scarf B) clothes C) glove D) suit
Read the text. Then choose the correct answer to questions 32-33.
The stooping figure of my mother, waist-deep in the grass and caught there like a piece of sheep's wool, was the last I saw of my country home as I left it to discover the world. She stood old and bent at the top of the bank, silently watching me go, one hand raised in farewell and blessing, not questioning why I went. At the bend of the road I looked back again and saw her: then I turned the comer and walked out of the village. I had closed that part of my life for ever.
My mother had got up early and cooked me a heavy breakfast, had stood wordlessly while I ate it, her hand on my chair, and had then helped me pack up my few belongings. There had been no fuss; there had been no attempt to persuade me to stay; she just gave me a long and searching look. Then, with my bags on my back. I’d put into the early sunshine and climbed through the long wet grass to the road.
32. The writer left his home feeling that...
A) life outside the village would be difficult.
B) this was the end of an important part of his life.
C) he would soon be back to his village.
D) he could not stand the smallness of his village.
33. Before the writer left the house his mother...
A) had looked at him to be sure that he really wanted to go.
B) had let him make his own preparations to leave.
C) had asked him to take his brothers with him.
D) had helped him to prepare for the journey but asked him not to go.

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